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One of EmVest’s core values is socially responsible investment (SRI). EmVest is committed to making a meaningful contribution in the communities where it has operations and aims to provide a pathway from poverty to empowerment for these communities.

As a first step, EmVest instils its core values of respect and integrity in its employees. Through job creation, EmVest offers its employees skills transfer and the security of ongoing income. The on-the-job training of employees not only increases investor returns, but, for the farm employees, it is a leap forward on the path to self-sufficiency.

EmVest SRI implementation plan is tailored to the specific needs of the communities near projects, as well as the generic needs such as employment, education, healthcare, housing and sanitation.

Training programs for subsistence farmers, child specific programs in the areas of nutrition, healthcare and rural education are being established, along with the installation of infrastructure for the supply of water and electricity.

EmVest has already started building clinics, sinking boreholes for permanent access to clean water (a cause of much suffering and malaise in rural communities), building schools for the children of its employees, assisting with provision of water for cattle and irrigation of local crops.

The dream behind the philosophy is that local communities - and eventually the country - become self-sufficient in food production.

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